ICES Journal of Marine Science - Volume 65, Number 7, October 2008

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down Trine Bekkby , Eli Rinde , Lars Erikstad , Vegar Bakkestuen , Oddvar Longva , Ole Christensen , Martin Isæus , and Pål Erik Isachsen
Spatial probability modelling of eelgrass (Zostera marina) distribution on the west coast of Norway

down J. Sellanes , E. Quiroga , and C. Neira
Megafauna community structure and trophic relationships at the recently discovered Concepción Methane Seep Area, Chile, ~36°S

down Matias L. Madsen , Eilif Gaard , and Benni W. Hansen
Wax-ester mobilization by female Calanus finmarchicus (Gunnerus) during spring ascendance and advection to the Faroe Shelf

down Stephen Mayfield , Richard McGarvey , Ian J. Carlson , and Cameron Dixon
Integrating commercial and research surveys to estimate the harvestable biomass, and establish a quota, for an "unexploited" abalone population

down Roxana León , Leonardo R. Castro , and Mario Cáceres
Dispersal of Munida gregaria (Decapoda: Galatheidae) larvae in Patagonian channels of southern Chile

down Paulo Duarte-Neto , Rosângela Lessa , Borko Stosic , and Eric Morize
The use of sagittal otoliths in discriminating stocks of common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) off northeastern Brazil using multishape descriptors

down Damian Fernandez-Jover , Pablo Sanchez-Jerez , Just Tomás Bayle-Sempere , Carlos Valle , and Tim Dempster
Seasonal patterns and diets of wild fish assemblages associated with Mediterranean coastal fish farms

down Tom Williams , Kristin Helle , and Michaela Aschan
The distribution of chondrichthyans along the northern coast of Norway

down F. Fiorentino , F. Badalamenti , G. D’Anna , G. Garofalo , P. Gianguzza , M. Gristina , C. Pipitone , P. Rizzo , and T. Fortibuoni
Changes in spawning-stock structure and recruitment pattern of red mullet, Mullus barbatus, after a trawl ban in the Gulf of Castellammare (central Mediterranean Sea)

down A. Cecilia Mauna , Bárbara C. Franco , Ana Baldoni , E. Marcelo Acha , Mario L. Lasta , and Oscar O. Iribarne
Cross-front variations in adult abundance and recruitment of Patagonian scallop (Zygochlamys patagonica) at the SW Atlantic Shelf Break Front

down A. Bang , P. Grønkjær , and B. Lorenzen
The relation between concentrations of ovarian trace elements and the body size of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua

down Erling Kåre Stenevik , Svein Sundby , and Ann Lisbeth Agnalt
Buoyancy and vertical distribution of Norwegian coastal cod (Gadus morhua) eggs from different areas along the coast

down Jens Kjærsgaard , and Hans Frost
Effort allocation and marine protected areas: is the North Sea Plaice Box a management compromise?

down Mikihiko Kai , and Kunio Shirakihara
Effectiveness of a feedback management procedure based on controlling the size of marine protected areas through catch per unit effort

down Jan Horbowy
Sensitivity of predicted cohort size and catches to errors in estimates of fishing mortality in the terminal year

down Julian M. Burgos , and John K. Horne
Characterization and classification of acoustically detected fish spatial distributions

down Richard D. Hedger , François Martin , Julian J. Dodson , Daniel Hatin , François Caron , and Fred G. Whoriskey
The optimized interpolation of fish positions and speeds in an array of fixed acoustic receivers

down Sophie Laran , and Alexandre Gannier
Spatial and temporal prediction of fin whale distribution in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea

down Jean-Jacques Maguire , Pilar Pereda , Rafael Duarte , Helen Dobby , and Manuela Azevedo
Monkfish/anglerfish across the world; common problems and common solutions: an introduction to papers presented at the ICES Theme Session in September 2007

down A. C. Fariña , M. Azevedo , J. Landa , R. Duarte , P. Sampedro , G. Costas , M. A. Torres , and L. Cañás
Lophius in the world: a synthesis on the common features and life strategies

down Chevonne H. Laurenson , Helen Dobby , H. Anne McLay , and Beth Leslie
Biological features of the Lophius piscatorius catch in Scottish waters

down R. Anne Richards , Paul C. Nitschke , and Katherine A. Sosebee
Population biology of monkfish Lophius americanus

down A. K. Johnson , R. Anne Richards , Daniel W. Cullen , and Sandra J. Sutherland
Growth, reproduction, and feeding of large monkfish, Lophius americanus

down Francisco Velasco , Jorge Landa , Joaquín Barrado , and Marian Blanco
Distribution, abundance, and growth of anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius) on the Porcupine Bank (west of Ireland)

down Melissa D. Smith , Jonathan H. Grabowski , and Philip O. Yund
The role of closed areas in rebuilding monkfish populations in the Gulf of Maine

down H. Dobby , L. Allan , M. Harding , C. H. Laurenson , and H. A. McLay
Improving the quality of information on Scottish anglerfish fisheries: making use of fishers' data

down Chevonne H. Laurenson , Helen Dobby , and H. Anne McLay
The Lophius budegassa component of monkfish catches in Scottish waters

down Paz Díaz , Juan Santos , Francisco Velasco , Alberto Serrano , and Nélida Pérez
Anglerfish discard estimates and patterns in Spanish Northeast Atlantic trawl fisheries

down Manuela Azevedo , Rafael Duarte , Fátima Cardador , Pedro Sousa , Celso Fariña , Paz Sampedro , Jorge Landa , and Gersom Costas
Application of dynamic factor analysis in the assessment of Iberian anglerfish stocks

down Phil Haring , and J-J. Maguire
The monkfish fishery and its management in the northeastern USA